To Dummy or not to Dummy?

July 28, 2019


To Dummy or not to Dummy...that is the question!


Well it's no surprise that there is no correct answer and I strongly believe that every baby's needs are different and it would be silly to assume there was one correct answer. My first baby didn't stop crying for three months solid with colic and giving him a dummy was a very welcomed idea that allowed us to catch up on some much needed sleep! However, my second baby has barely cried at all and is now three months old (I know...lucky me!) so we have not felt the need to give her a dummy. Plus, she has started self-soothing by sucking her thumb. Most babies suck their thumb in the womb for comfort and as a way of dealing with stress. However, my first baby didn't suck his thumb at all and so a dummy seemed like a good answer just for a little bit of sanity!




Most health guidelines recommend waiting at least one month before offering your baby a dummy, especially if you are breastfeeding as some babies can find this confusing. However, some babies manage to cope with breastfeeding and a dummy without any problems so it really is up to you. It is also advised that you try to wean your baby off their dummy from around 6 months to avoid affecting the development and growth of their teeth. Also there is some correlation between dummys and ear infections but again this only affects some babies. 


Ultimately there is no right answer, and after you have done your research all you can do is follow your motherly instincts and do what is best for you and your baby. 



 Did you give your baby a dummy? Do you have any advice for mums thinking about using a dummy? Please let us know in the comments. Your experience could really help someone!







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