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Has any one got any tips for getting themselves to sleep and having a good uninterrupted sleep? I'm really struggling at the moment..any tips would be great xxx

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Our wee one is in the habbit of asking to sleep in our bed at bedtime. We then transfer him back into his bed when we go to bed. It's not great but we have fallen into this pattern! Any advice for other mums who might be in a similar position?

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This is exactly the stage I am at too! It's not too bad as it means we actually get some sleep, and our son does stay asleep when we move him back into his bed. He see's sleeping in mummy's bed as a treat! But maybe we should try to get him back to sleep in his own bed...

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We went through this but we stamped it out straight away. It took a good week to get our wee one back into her own bed but it was worth the effort! Only thing I would say is that when she is ill we generally let her back in our bed, and it's really hard to say no, but she seems to be happy to o back to her bed again once she is better...fingers crossed we have cracked it! xx

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Another study found that mums get an average of 5.1 hours of sleep a night in the first year of a newborn!

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One study found that mums miss out on an average of 5 hours sleep a week! How many hours of sleep do you think you miss out on...i think it may be more!

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Hello Mummies!
Let's talk about sleep! Or the lack of it!

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Have you got any advice for a toddler that refuses to sleep in their own bed? Or keeps getting out of bed? Or insists on sleeping in your bed?

Maybe you have some advice and tips or experiences you could pass on to other mums?
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Hi, I am also in need of advice for this. My son is 4 and he still sleeps in our bed. But when he stays over night at his grandparents he is happy to sleep in his own bedroom. I have a 2 month old baby now too... Sleeping in the crib next to me. Anything you have done that has worked for you? Xx

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Hi Joyce,
My health visitor advised me to put a baby gate on my sons bedroom door, he was coming up for 2 at the time and it worked a treat (with a bit of perseverance) and we also have a baby in his cot in our room so it was worth the tortured screams, after a few nights he realised he had no choice other than his own bed and gave in, hope this helps x